Contact Us

To contact us, write to

A variety of people contact us, many of them not attracted to children. Just writing us does not tag you as a pedophile.

To join as a regular member, you need to be attracted to children. You also need to be committed to never harming a child. You must also be at least 18 years old. Please try and make all these things clear when writing. 

We encourage pedophiles who contact us not to give identifying information, for your own protection. However, it's helpful if you give us more than the very bare details above. Tell us just a little about yourself and why you're approaching us. It doesn't have to be much.

If you're under 18, although you can't join, we can send you links to some helpful resources.

Anyone who can express themself in English is welcome, regardless of gender, background or country.

We advise against writing to us from your work or school address (because it could be read by someone else) or from your main email that is linked to your real identity.

You can normally expect a reply within 3 days.

We also welcome communication from PhD or Masters level researchers, supportive or questioning friends and family of pedophiles, clinicians with experience of non-abusing pedophiles, prevention organisations, mental health organisations and policymakers.

We also aim to help selected journalists who take a non-sensationalistic approach to this topic.

At the moment our forum is intended principally as a safe space where non-abusing pedophiles can talk in a space where illegal activity is discouraged. To avoid risking that sense of safe space, we are not accepting non-pedophile allies to join the forum, but are looking into manageable ways allies could be involved in the future.